Greenbank Project

Client Brief

To extend house to create open plan kitchen family room. Convert remaining loft space to an extra bedroom and add an ensuite if possible. Existing box roof extension was too hot in summer and too cold in winter and wasn't in keeping with the character of the house.


Significant notes from initial meeting

The client had a young family and two large dogs. The ground floor was quite generous but felt disconnected. The dining extension had been added at some point without thought for the lounge room that was already a means of access to the kitchen but was now also dark.

The upper floor box extension was poorly insulated however did provide much more space than a standard loft conversion. The slate clad box filling the full rear half of the roof wasn't doing anything for the look of desirability of the house.


The proposal was to extend the roof to the rear and also extend the deep eaves underneath the old box roof extension, clad it in zinc and re style it as two large modern bay windows. By relocating the staircase we were able to maximise the size of the rooms upstairs and repurpose the rooms below. It only required a small 1.5 storey extension to the rear and some reorganisation to create the ground floor spaces the clients desired.